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November 04, 2023

This Weekend: a Fowl Harvest

Get ready to get your Feast On: Harvest Fest is BACK!

Hungry for adventure? Then feast your eyes what the team has prepared for this weekend's update: our seasonal Harvest Fest + EbilCorp events are back, along with a new boss battle against a cannibalistic predator in the /birdswithharms map. Log in, gear up, and get ready to feast upon a cornucopia of new rewards this weekend!

New for November 4th:

  • Event Hub: join /eventhub for the Harvest Fest and EbilCorp events
  • New Boss: Stymphmalian Terror battle in /birdswithharms
  • New Rewards in the /eventhub and /birdswithharms maps
  • Featured Gear: November Elemental Chronomancer sets 
  • Upgrade Bonus: Apocalyptic DeathLord pack

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Double EXP
  • Resource Boost: Spirit Orbs + Metals
  • Saturday: Ungourdly Wrath Blades 
  • Sunday: Sword of Misfortune (single + dual-wield)


  • Friday, November 10: seasonal birthday maps + collection chest leave. Midnight Zilla set le
  • Monday, November 13: Mogloween leaves, Friday the 13th maps revert to member-only, Sword of Misfortune drops leave

Harvest Fest (and seasonal rewards) Return

Every year, the Harvest Fest is a time to relax and celebrate another year of prosperity with your loved ones. A time to forget about the horrors of Mogloween and look forward to another happy Frostval in the coming weeks as you digest the giant feast that Oishii the Troll Chef has prepared for you.

Head to the /eventhub to easily access all our November events from one map!
  • Talk to Oishii the Lunch Lady for information on Harvest Fest
  • Politely approach Yes, Ma'am the Executive Secretary for details on EbilCorp. 
  • New reward drops from the Leaf Painter, Turdrakolich and other mobs
The Stymphalian Terror – a giant, ravenous predatory bird – has flown straight out of the mythology scrolls and into the marsh next to the Brethwren. The beast is loud, destructive, and leaving poisonous fluid scattered across the area. But worst of all… the beast is known to be cannibalistic! O_O; Battle this fowl fiend and restore peace to our feather-headed friends. 

Free as a Bird Merge Shop

  • GryphonClaw Warrior + Knight armors
  • 2 Wing capes
  • 4 helms
  • 5 weapons

New Monster Drops

Stymphmalian Terror

  • Spirit of the Gryphon cape (1% drop rate)
  • Pitchfork polearms
  • Harvester's Mask helms (male and female)
  • Li'l GryphonClaw Mascot pet

Leaf Painter

  • Falling Leaves Bow
  • Autumnal Kiwi pet
  • Expressive Morph Helms (male and female, click to change expression)


  • Dracolich Onesie armor, helms, and tail
  • Dragon Onesie armor, helms, and tail


  • Candy pets
  • Whipped Slime Helm
  • Rainbow Unicorn Onesie amor, helms, and tail

Chaotic Chicken

  • 3 Helms
  • 2 Daggers

Talk to Samba in /harvest to find her new merge shop, then battle bosses from our returning Harvest Fest holiday zones to collect merge shop resources. Return to her to create the Candy Corn Crusher and Headless Pumpkin sets. See all the Harvest events in our Lorepedia Guide!


Everyone's favorite CEO, Chairman Platinum, seems to always get into trouble at this time of year. Turns out, his investors are disgruntled with his recent failed attempts and are looking to replace him. He needs your help to stay in power, STAT. Log in this weekend to optimize his corporate defense methodologies this weekend in /ebilcorptakever... OR ELSE.

Chairman Platinum is a good, honest, GENEROUS employer. And if you do right by him, he'll make sure to reward you appropriately. Battle the enemies in /ebiltakever to collect your rewards. He owes you.

Item Drops:

  • Ebil Administrator armor + Locks Helm
  • The Hostile Takeover Sword + Daggers
  • EbilCorp Boss House Guards
  • EbilCorp Porkon Axe
  • EbilCorp Fishman Tail, Helm, Pet, Trident
  • Making a Point Daggers
  • Ebil Kuro Sword + Pet, BattlePet
  • Rusted Ebil Agent's Shotgun 
  • Ebil Agent's Shotgun
  • Ebil Agent's Tactical Rifle
  • 8 Agent Helms
  • Agent's Emblazoned Phone
  • EbilCorp Plague Spear

Next Friday: Grimskull Returns

HELLO BOILS AND GHOULS, Immortal Joe here. On Friday, November 10th, Grimskull invites you to his newest dungeon, the GAOL OF ETERNAL TORMENT AND MISERY!


According to the brochure in his gift shop, Grimskull is *ahem* "The master of the world's most evil, vile, death trap filled dugeons. If that doesn't cut it... play through the /doomvault map. It's easier to explain by doing.


If you aren't familiar with dungeons, you can read about them here. However, there are some key differences with Grimskull's newest dungeon:

  • This is a ONE PLAYER dungeon, so you will have to escape it yourself!
  • This is a high level, high difficulty dungeon that's comparable to the final fights of the /infernalarena map.
  • The dungeon will be filled with Grimskull's shenanigans, though this time they're more so focused on monster mechanics, rather than the trap filled rooms found in his Doom Vault.

Entry Requirements

The Gaol of Eternal Torment of Misery is not for the faint of heart. In order to enter it, you'll need to have met the following requirements:

  • Must have completed /doomvaultb
  • Be at least level 80
  • Have the Smite enhancement from the /forge map
  • Have the Scythe of Azalith from /infernalarena in your possession

Previous challenge areas haven't had much of an entry barrier aside from a level requirement. In the future, we'd like to introduce other entry requirements to challenge areas so that the expectations of their difficulty are better set ahead of time.


There'll be rewards all right. When you complete the dungeon, you'll earn Grimskull Trolling rep (yep, you can finally get it) which can be used to obtain:

  • Exclusive gear
  • The Grim Weapon Enhancement (This has always just been a level 100 Fighter Enhancement with a few bonus stats, but you can get it know if you'd really like)
  • The best-worst helmet enhancement in the game???

Alina note: For heroes who don't meet the requirements for this new dungeon, we've got more rewards planned for the original dungeon, plus a few more sweet treats in our Harvest maps.

And still to come: 

  • Chibi Maid pets in the Featured Gear Shop + on the Noble Ghost
  • Ghostly Kiwi pet on the Stymphmalion Terror
  • Gothic Necromancer Sally set 
  • 15th Birthday Badge 
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