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November 30, 2023

2024 Calendar Class: Chrono ShadowSlayer

Unlock the exclusive class when you get the 2024 Calendar

Introducing Chrono ShadowSlayer class, the newest addition to AdventureQuest Worlds! Unlock the class, armor set, and character page badge when you get the 2024 "The Game is Undead" Poster calendar.You can pre-order your 2024 Calendar NOW from HeroMart. A version will be added to the in-game HeroMart map in the later half of 2024 for HeroPoints or AdventureCoins.

Skill Breakdown

Chrono ShadowSlayer class is a fast-firing, time-traveling, monster slaying gunslinger. Its skills revolve around its trusty six-chambered sidearm, loading special rounds to create powerful effects. They can debuff their opponents, increase their own stats, and finish their opponents off with a powerful chronomancy magic silver bullet!

Unlike other classes, they don’t have an autoattack. Instead, you fire empowered shots through your skills or rapid-fire all your rounds at your opponents. However, you must pay attention to your ammo, needing to reload every six shots. You’ll need to manage your effects and your ammunition well to use this class to its full potential.

Description: Recommended enhancements: Lucky, Thief.
Stat Model: Luck Hybrid
Mana Regen: Chrono ShadowSlayers load and fire special ammunition with their firearms.


Rank needed: 1 / Default Attack
Target: Enemy
Max Targets: 1
Type: 105% Hybrid as Physical
Range: Medium
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 0.15 seconds

Fire as fast as you can pull the trigger! Your shots are so fast that they're unavoidable. Your cylinder holds 6 shots, needing to be reloaded when empty.

A non-automatic auto attack! This one you have to fire manually, or using your other skills. Depending on the ammunition you load, your shots can have different effects. Or, enter Gunslinger stance and fan the hammer to your heart’s content.


Rank needed: 1
Target: Self
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Load 6 shots into your revolver and refill your mana. Removes Tracer rounds and FMJ rounds.

If you have 4 or more stacks of Temporal Rift, consume them and enter Gunslinger Stance for 2 seconds, granting you free shots and generating Chaos Rifts, which block Temporal Rift and increase your Crit Damage by 20% per stack for 10 seconds.

Reload your firearm, clearing your loaded rounds and refreshing your mana. This move can punctuate your firing combos, but using it can leave you vulnerable. This skill is also how you enter Chaos Rift mode, which focuses on longer combos and fast-firing.

Tracer Rounds

Rank needed: 2
Target: Enemy
Max Targets: 1
Type: Status
Range: Medium
Mana Cost: 5
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Load Tracers and fire one, increasing your Defense by 20% and Dodge by 40% until you reload. Gain a Temporal Rift, stacking to 4 and lasting 10 seconds, and a HoT for 4 seconds based on max health. Replaces FMJ rounds.

Firing with Tracer rounds Paints your opponent, reducing their damage, Dodge, and Crit Chance by 6% per stack, up to 4 stacks, for 12 seconds.

Tracer rounds are your “defensive” option, allowing you to debuff your opponents and increase your own survivability. Fires a shot when you use it, and comes with a handy heal.

FMJ Rounds

Rank needed: 3
Target: Enemy
Max Targets: 1
Type: 147% Hybrid as Physical
Range: Medium
Mana Cost: 5
Cooldown: 1.5 seconds

Load Full Metal Jackets and fire an empowered shot, dealing additional damage and increasing your Physical Damage by 25% until you reload. Gain a Temporal Rift, stacking to 4 and lasting 10 seconds. Replaces Tracer rounds.

Firing with FMJ rounds shreds your opponent's defense by 6% per stack, up to 6 stacks, for 12 seconds.

FMJ rounds are your “offensive” option, increasing the damage your opponents take and dealing extra damage. Fires an empowered shot when you use it, doing bonus damage on top of the FMJ effect. Use this in conjunction with Tracer rounds to maintain your survivability while slowly expending ammunition.

Silver Bullet

Rank needed: 5
Target: Enemy
Max Targets: 1
Type: 15 - 45% recorded damage as Physical
Range: Long
Mana Cost: 5
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Fire a silver bullet, dealing powerful damage based on how much damage was dealt in the last 10 seconds while a Rift was present and emptying your rounds.

Your grand finale! This can do minor or massive damage depending on how much damage you’ve done while under a Rift aura. This class has two types of Rifts it can generate, in fact- playing around one or the other can allow you to explore different skill combos.


Reinforced Chamber

Rank needed: 4
Type: Passive

Your high-tech parts allow you to shoot faster and more powerful shots for +10% damage.


Rank needed: 4
Type: Passive

You pinpoint critical weaknesses with ease, granting you +10% Crit Chance.

Blessed Ammunition

Rank needed: 10
Type: Passive

+20% Luck.


Chrono ShadowSlayer has a few new mechanics- making it very different from most classes. You can rapid fire your ammo, or carefully fire boosted shots with your third and fourth skills. Don’t panic- you don’t need to break your fingers to play this class well! Slower but more powerful shots with your skills can be just as effective as rapid firing your ammo, letting you pick how you play. Or, switch between them both to make full use of the class’s mechanics.

Chrono ShadowSlayer does what you expect a Calendar class to do- hit fast and hit hard with rift nukes. Unlike other Calendar classes however, it boasts strong effects and powerful base damage, being less reliant on its rift collapses. Your two ammo types let you play defensively or offensively, or mix between them to manage both benefits at once while building your Rifts.

Once you obtain your Temporal Rifts, you can choose to spend them on your finisher right away or enter Gunslinger stance, changing your Rift types and taking on a more vulnerable but more offensive playstyle. Plan your combos carefully, balance between your styles, and you’ll find a very powerful class.

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