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January 30, 2024

Game News: January 29 - February 4

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Get details about upcoming events, server boosts, bug fixes, art previews, and other news throughout the week in our Digest Design Notes post. 

Sunday, February 4: Year of the Dragon Guests

Battle Mutou Hong in /yokaihunt to collect 2 new House Guests! 

  • Year of the Dragon Guests (0 AC, rare)
  • Dragon Bao Server (0 AC, seasonal)

Gift leaves March 1st.

Saturday, February 3: Terran Dragon Guards

Battle Mutou Hong in /yokaihunt to collect 4 new Terran Dragon House Guards! 

  • Terran Dragon's Protection Detail (0 AC, rare)
  • Terran Dragon Companion (0 AC, seasonal)
  • Terran Dragon Duo Guards (0 AC member, rare)
  • Prosperous Terran Dragon Companion (0 AC member, seasonal)

Gift leaves March 1st.

Friday, February 2: Update Details

February is a Triple Holiday month-long celebration: from the SuperBowl /party and Carnaval all the way to Hero's Heart Day and Yokai New Year! Log in all month long for new holiday events, stories, and gear.

  • New Story: Year of the Wood Dragon Boss Battle
  • New Rewards: Treasure hoard of new Yokai dragon gear
  • Class Updates: Not a Mod rework + new icons, DragonSlayer General rebalance
  • Holiday events: the Groundhorc, Yokai New Year, Hero's Heart Day, and Carnaval return
  • Upgrade Bonus: find an all-new upgrade bonus set based on the Year of the Dragon
  • Server Boost: Double Reputation

Stay up to date with upcoming release plans and boosts on the Artix Calendar.

Thursday, February 1: Celestial Dungeon Resource Boost

This week’s resource boost is live! Get double dungeon drop rewards as you battle to create your Greatblade of the Entwined Eclipse until February 6th. Log in each day for a new reward, boost, or other bonus.


NOT A MOD Class Rework

It's been almost 11 years since NOT A MOD first released and a lot has changed since then. We've all leveled up IRL, some of us have started families (or gotten battle cats), and who knows, maybe one of us has even gone to space *eyes the robot* ... But despite everything that's changed, there's one thing that's remained constant, and that is non-stop requests from people asking to become a mod. No, you still can't be a Mod.* ;_; 

You're just a normal gamer like most of us reading this post. However, what you can be is NOT A MOD, a ridiculous, yet deceptively powerful class that won't give you any special mod powers, but can allow you to unleash that inner gamer spirit within. 

Get more details on Not a Mod Class Updates in this post.

* Unless you go through the proper channels, survive 6 rounds against Dage the Evil in combat, and find the real-life Blinding Light of Destiny locked in a box, hidden away deep inside Artix's Artifact Storage Rarehouse. 

Tuesday, January 30: Dark Treasure Hunt

Defeat the darkness as you battle monsters to recover a two deadly weapons! Battle Creature 12 in Darkon's Garden to begin your search. Survive, and you may just find yourself wielding the Dark Dragon Summoner's Rifts (single or dual-wield.) This hunt will be available until Friday, March 1st, 2024.

  • Get more details on midweek treasure hunts, zone expansions, and star ratings here.
  • See what's coming up on our event calendar.

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