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March 25, 2024

Game News: March 25 - 31


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Tuesday, March 26: Cursed Treasure Hunt

Our Tuesday Treasure Hunt is live! This week's Tuesday release adds a new quest onto Angelina Rayder in the /LegionCrypt map. Talk to her to begin battling to collect the pieces of the 0 AC Cursed Sorceror's Underworld Staff. 

Rewards include:

  • Cursed Sorceror's Underworld Staff

This item reward and the quest for it will be permanently available. 

Note: all players can start this quest regardless of how far they are in the Seraphic Saga. Darkon, the NPC next to Angelina Rayder, will tell you to leave... but you don't want to talk to him anyway. Angelina Rayder’s quest and merge shop are fully accessible. 

Wednesday, March 27: Info Updates

Hollowborn Caladbolg Changes

We've heard your feedback on the requirements for the the Pay Homage to Caladbolg (Again) quest to create the Hollowborn Caladbolg. Yesterday, the team and I reviewed what the community concerns were and discussed how we could address them:

1) Some players aren't happy the original Caladbolg is needed to begin the quest.
They want the requirement removed.

2) Some players bought the Altar of Caladbolg specifically so they could get the Caladbolg to begin the quest. They do not want the requirement removed.

3) Other players feel like the rewards aren't enough after how hard it is to complete the Counterblow quest. They want boosts added.

The Hollowborn Caladbolg quest and rewards are permanently available, so for any players who do not currently have the original Caladbolg... you have time to get it; there is no need to hurry! But I apologize that the information was not made available prior to release. Although it's shown as a quest requirement in-game, I understand the impact of the unexpected surprise and additional barrier.

Because there are many players who bought the Altar of Caladbolg so they could get the sword to begin the quest, we cannot simply remove it as a requirement. That wouldn't be fair to them. And we hear all of the players asking for boosts. So here's what the team and I landed on, as the best way to make as many people happy as possible (which is always the goal for all our releases).

1) A new quest is being added to create the Lesser Hollowborn Caldbolg. 
This quest will not require either the original Caladbolg or Lesser Caladbolg swords.

2) The requirements to begin the Pay Homage to Caladbolg (Again) quest will not change.
The original Caladbolg Sword + Altar of the Hollowborn Caladbolg will remain.

3) OMG so many boosts are being added this weekend! Read on for specific updates.
HOORAY! The Empowered Caladbolg weapons are on their way.

  • Hollowborn Caladbolg weapons: 45% boost to ALL Damage added*
  • Hollowborn Lich King: 40% Boost to Human monsters added
  • Hollowborn Lich King's Pride: 50% Boost to Human monsters added
  • Shadow of the Legion cape: boost increasing to 50% Rep
  • How Much For One Rib? quest will be added to create the Lesser Hollowborn Caladbolg** and will also award 250 Hollow Souls
  • Hollowborn Paragon pet quests will get x1 Hollow Soul added to their quest rewards

* These can be merged with the Empowered Caladbolg to get a 51% boost to ALL Damage.
** The set-up and difficulty will be similar to the A Single Rib quest to get the original Lesser Caladbolg blade.

Mirror Caladbolg of Cheer blade Update

The Mirror Caladbolg of Cheer blade was announced as part of our December Limited Quantity Package. This was not originally planned for release, but was added to the list player requests. Due to real life illness and a near-unceasing amount of chaotic real-life misadventures, the sword has been delayed... but not forgotten. It will be added to its respective Book of Lore badge shop automatically once finished.

Thursday, March 28: Void Aura Boost

Get double rewards as you battle to create the Necrotic Sword of Doom until April 3rd.


  • Retrieve Void Auras
  • Gathering Unstable Essences
  • Commanding Shadow Essences

Get x10, x12, or x14 Void Auras while the boost is on!
(Regular reward quantity: x5, x6, or x7)

Friday, March 29th: Update Details

This is a standard Friday update. Nothing unusual about the art or NPCs. Do not question what you think you see. Do not attempt to track anything out of the ordinary. 

New Event: There is a new event.
Rewards: There are rewards.
Featured Gear Shop: There are rare items.

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

Server Boost: Double Gold, Rep, Class Points, EXP
Resource Boost: Void Auras
Saturday: A rare item will drop from a monster in a /map
Sunday: A rare item will drop from a monster in a /map

Leaving Soon

Events & Shops

  • March 29: March Event Hub 
  • March 31: Legion Warseeker + Darkness Chronomancer sets
  • April 5: Dage's Birthday + Lucky Day events, Dark Treasure Hunt rewards
  • April 9: Dark AdventureCoin Bonus ends
  • April 12: Dage's 2024 Birthday Rares

Daily Login Gifts Leaving March 31st

  • Dragon's Diamond Hoard from Zakhvatchik in /hakuwar
  • Holographic Futuristic Laken + Shogun Guards from Legionator in /futurelegion
  • SoulEater Scythe from Frost Fang in the /eventhub
  • Battleon Barbae Outfit from Heart Elemental in /beleensdream
  • Underworld Sacrificer Helms + Enchained Oneiros cape from Legion Knight in /legionbarracks
  • Overdriven Knight set from Overdriven Knight in /cocytusbarracks
  • Underworld Chandalier Maces + Ivory Penitent Statue from Underworld Chest in /eventhub
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