Design Notes

February 25, 2022

Final Heroes Heart + Yokai New Year Rares

šŸ’– Available until March 11, 2022 šŸ’–

Getting the sweet new Valentineā€™s Day gear will be as easy as falling in love! (Maybe even easier, since all you need to do is log in and open up the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu.)Ā Find the final update of our 2022 Hero's Heart Day and Yokai New Year rare items this weekend, available until March 11th.*Ā 

This week's shop update contains:

  • Enchanted Lady Lua armor + morph helm (color-customizable)**
  • Awakened Lady's Fan weaponsĀ Ā (color-customizable, tiger animation plays in combat)
  • Touch of Death gauntlets
  • The MatchMaker armor + accessories
  • The MatchMaker Ground Rune

All of our Yokai New Year and Hero's Heart Day Featured Gear Shop items will be available until March 11th.*

  • LuxTech Streamer armor + accessories
  • LuxTech HP Fuel + Power Gauntlet
  • Byakko Worshipper armor + accessories
  • Dominance Clouds ground rune
  • LOVEly ground rune

  • WhiteTiger Omnyogi armor
  • WhiteTiger Spirit Ears, Divinity Hats, Onmyogi Morph helms
  • WhiteTiger's Spirit Tail + Summoned Tiger Spirit capes
  • ULTRA Summoned Tiger Spirit CapeĀ 
  • WhiteTiger's Khakkhara, Guqin, and Fans weapons
  • Umitora's Grandeur cape
  • Gothic Alchemist armor*
  • Gothic Alchemist Glasses + Hood helms

* Earlier Design Notes posts listed their leave dates as March 4th, but that has been extended.
**Ā Regular (non-color customizable) versions of Lady Lua's gear is also available from Lady Lua's merge shop in /akibacny.

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