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March 24, 2023

ShadowFlame Ultra Boss

Battle the First Speaker This Weekend

With the Shadows of War Saga complete, there was only one thing left for the team, and your Hero, to do... take down the ULTRA BOSS! This weekend, login and /join ultraspeaker to battle the enemy you know best: Malgor, your strongest servant, the First Speaker! Defeat the First Speaker each week to gain 5 Insignia*, which can be used to create a variety of strong items, and a new enhancement trait.

Log in tonight for:

  • First Speaker Ultra Boss battle in /ultraspeaker
  • Malgor Insignia Rewards: Goddess of War set + Dauntless Enhancement
  • Talk to Inevitabilis in /timeinn and complete her quests to unlock the four Hero of Time sets
  • New Weapon Enhancements: Praxis and Dauntless
  • Undead Painsaw set in the Dark Birthday Merge shop
  • Undead Legion exclusive gear: Legion Inn house, house guard, and Dage's Devastation Paragon Helm
  • Featured Rare Sets + House Items: Scarlet Flame Sorcerer + Orochi BladeMaster
  • New functionality for Guild Leaders in the account site: manage your offline guild members
  • Pax East 2023 axe available from Valencia in /museum... if you know the secret code!

The First Speaker battle tips

  • The First Speaker’s autoattack reduces your damage and defense over time. You can cleanse this by taking the Equalizer attack, but if you and your team get greedy, it could result in your loss!
  • Every time The First Speaker uses Equalizer, he heals a large amount. Be prepared to counteract this, or your fight could drag on forever.
  • Two of The First Speaker’s abilities are devastatingly powerful or debilitating to your team. Be ready to taunt them to minimize their impact.

The full breakdown and boss abilities can be found on the wiki here

First Speaker Merge Shop Rewards

Goddess of War set: Fight the boss to collect Insignia and obtain the Goddess of War set, featuring damage boosted weapons of every race, and an armor that increases your damage to all races by 40%!

Dauntless Enhancement: Create a new enhancement trait in /forge using your new insignia and resources!

Dauntless/ Weapon Enhancement

  • 100% chance to activate on second skill
  • 3 second cooldown
  • Deals 220 - 660% Physical Damage, increasing the lower your health is, always hits and crits
  • Heals you based on how much damage you did and applies Dauntless for 12 seconds, increasing your Crit Chance by 15%, Haste by 25%, and decreasing mana cost by 50%. Also applies Decay, Cannot Heal for 6 seconds.

DIFFICULTY WARNING: This is a very difficult fight that requires careful coordination and planning. Come prepared to practice the fight, and you will eventually succeed! 

New Mid-Level Weapon Forge Enhancement Trait

Need a hand on your journey? We've got your back! If you're level 60 or higher, you can join /forge to create Praxis, a weapon enhancement focused around parrying your opponent and dealing increasing damage as the fight goes on. Note: This enhancement trait may change in the future based on player and team feedback.

Praxis / Weapon Enhancement

  • 100% chance to activate on second skill
  • 12 second cooldown
  • Deals 250% Hybrid Damage
  • Applies Spinning Dragon to the target for 1 second, reducing the next hit they do to 0, and Praxis for 32 seconds, reducing dodge by 30%. Deals +100% damage on each successive hit to the same target.

The list of all enhancement traits can be found here

*Weekly quests reset every Friday at 12:01 AM EST. If you complete a weekly quest on a Thursday, it will be available again on Friday! 

Dage's Dark Birthday Update

Head to Dage's /darkbirthday map this weekend to find even MORE wicked new gear to unlock.

Dage's Dark Birthday Merge:

  • Mortal Underworld Painsaw Man armor
  • Underworld Painsaw Man armor
  • 2 Underworld Painsaw helms
  • 1 Underworld Painsaw cape
  • 2 Underworld Painsaw Gauntlets
  • Dage's Devastation Paragon Helm

The Undead Painsaw set is available for ALL heroes, and Dage's Devastation Paragon helm is an Undead Legion exclusive, requiring Legion Tokens.

Undead Legion Merge Shop:

  • Legion Inn House
  • Dage the Lich King House Guard

New Guild Management Tool

Good news, Guild Leaders! Available now: Captain Rhubarb added added new guild management functionality for you in the Account Manager! You can promote, demote, and kick members that are offline.

Guild leaders, take note: you'll need to log out and back in if you want to see the updated information on a given server. If your guild members are online, on other servers, they will also need to log out and back in to get the most up-to-date information.

Class Changes for March 23, 2023

Read on to stay up to date with the latest news about what we've updated and what's been fixed for AdventureQuest Worlds classes + combat.


  • Necromancer, Pinkomancer, and Grim Necro second and fifth skill switched
  • StoneCrusher and Infinity Titan fourth skill defensive auras duration increased to 8 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Dragon of Time, Mindbreaker, and Psionic Mindbreaker’s healing mechanic fixed
  • Several recently broken boss skills fixed
  • Elysium damage on the Enhancement Traits page fixed. 
  • This was a typo, and there are no changes to the enhancement in-game.

Find the full post (with past updates) here.

April Calendar of Events

It's no joke... I herd you wanted some Good events? We'll stop stallion and get you mare of what you asked for! Check out the April 2023 event calendar to see our upcoming game releases. Daily Login Gift updates to be added soon.

Note: the March calendar previously listed an update to the Wheel of Doom for tonight. The set intended for that release was moved to April 7th, and will be a reward set instead.

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