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March 20, 2023

Monday, March 20th Updates

New News and Updates Round-up

With so many players on so many different platforms, the team and I found that our information had become really scattered over the last few years. Last month, we began these "round-up" Design Notes posts make sure everyone has access to all of the same info, no matter which platform you use. Read on to get all the latest news on updates, fixes, and sneak peeks.

Recent Bug Fixes

The following issues should have been resolved with last week's update: 

  • The stray red pixel on Dage's Devastation armor was fixed.
  • Dage's requested weapon upsizing was released.
  • The missing UW3017 Shield armor is now available in the Dage's Dark Birthday Shop.
  • If you were unable to continue the /siegefortress map, that was taken care of very early last week.

Upcoming Gear Sneak Peek

We've got some great gear heading your way. Check out previews below:

Dark Scavenger Hunt Leaves Tonight

The Frogzard in /battleontown drops the clue to the Dark Scavenger Hunt reward location until 11:59 PM EST tonight. Use the clue to figure out which monster drops a rare 0 AC daily login gift. (The item also goes rare tonight.)

Each Scavenger Hunt runs for 2 weeks. The Lucky Scavenger Hunt ends next week, and a brand-new Scavenger Hunt begins tomorrow.

Missing Pet Added 

The Original Bean Twilly pet now drops from the Treasure Pile in the /yulgarparty map! (h/t to AQW player Darches on Reddit for reminding me this had not been added.) 

Badger Byte #02865: Book of Lore Badges

Your Book of Lore houses MANY badges, but not all of them are under "Other Badges". Please look in your "Achievement Badges" for badges related to completing in-game objectives.

An EGG-cellent Spring Update: Bird Pets

Did you know... May 4th has been a holiday to celebrate our feather-y friends since 1892! Yesterday, a few players on Discord introduced me to the majesty of the Kiwi bird. AQW will add in a flock of new bird pets this Spring. What other birds should we add?

Image courtesy of Smithsonian National Zoo

AQW:Infinity + Artix Goes to PAX East

From Artix: Anyone going to PAX: East this week? Artix and the AE team will be running a booth there. Find all the info here: We will also have a new convention item. 

In case you missed it: Pisces' Song Set

we added the first set in a new reward series based on Western astrology. As the year cycles through the zodiac signs, we'll release a new set matching its theme. This month: Pisces Song! Get more details + lore in the Design Notes.

Not Released, But Not Forgotten...

Last month, I received another request for more inclusive hairs, since we have only a small selection of them. This is still on the schedule! The assigned artist is currently working on a farming set for early April, but then will get cutting on this project.

Good Intention... of DOOM

Over the weekend, I saw a tweet asking about being able not being able to get a Dual Wield version of the NSoD (IoDA) from the /nostalgiaquest map. My normal response for issues like this is that we'll take a look, investigate, and see what we can do. The request sounded like a reasonable one that many players would enjoy. 

After seeing many responses that were pretty upset, I realized that I replied before fully investigating the details of this item. I assumed it was an issue with the removal of the Dual Wield shop from nostalgiaquest, which we may have been able to address. That is not what was being requested, though.

To help clear things up and avoid any more confusion or concern...

  • No changes are planned, and a dual-wield version of the NSoD (IoDA) is not on the schedule.
  • Our intent from the beginning was that an IoDA variant wouldn't give you access to the badge or other extras the original item unlocked. 
  • The dual-wield shop was removed due to several issues with the shop. Though the merge shop glitch is fixed, having AC items in the shop caused additional issues. Also, multiple copies of similiar items caused more frustration. At this time, there are no plans to return it.
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