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June 01, 2022

Character Page Badge Updates

Did some of your badges disappear? Read on.

The AQW Team are always working to improve the gaming experience for all players. Recently, we implemented changes that will prevent the use of third party programs from loading a selection of rare and seasonal badges.

These badges were added to the game in a specific way which made them targets for these third-party bot programs. That has been fixed now. If you see any of these badges disappear, it means that badge was not obtained legitimately. 

  • Moglin Punter
  • PTR Tester
  • Cysero's Wedding
  • Eye was there!
  • Lorestockapalooza End!
  • Skypirate Slayer
  • Horde Zombie Slayer
  • Samba
  • Unicorn Commander
  • Cornelis Reborn
  • Derp Moosefish
  • u Mad
  • PTR lag tester
  • Gravelyn's Warrior
  • Brutalcorn
  • Ravenloss
  • Champion
  • Pyrewatch
  • Zorbak Punter
  • Justice Squad

If you ever used a third party program in the recent or distant past (or shared your account with a friend or family member, and they used one with your account) that may explain why your badge/s disappeared. 

We will not be taking any action on accounts which had badges removed, but please remember that using third party programs is not safe and is a violation of our game rules and Terms of Service.

Note: these actions will not retroactively apply to people who admitted hacking and got a 1 day ban for removal of the badges.

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