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February 01, 2023

Tuesday Updates

February is already here... and I'm back at the lab!

Last week, I left for a delayed Christmas celebration with family. I stayed completely offline the entire trip (highly recommended). Since returning, have been laser-focused on checking in with the teams, getting caught up, and planning AQW's February / March game updates. Thank you to everyone for the "happy vacation" and "welcome back" wishes! Now... the catch-up work begins! 

And I'm trying a new method to get as much information out to as many players as possible. Rather than just replying to people on Twitter (or Discord, or in-game) I'm saving questions and answering them in blocks on the Design Notes. 

It's been a while since our last ultra boss? Are there any plans for a new one?

Why yes, yes there are! *Eyes the AdventureQuest Worlds March calendar*

When is the next Void Aura / Legion Token / Dark Spirit Orbs (etc) Boost?

Glad you asked! The server + farming resource boosts are now available on the February Event Calendar at Daily Login Gift drops will be added tomorrow.

The calendar shows future updates?! 

Each November, I rough out the calendar for the upcoming year. Flexibility is built in (b/c real-life happens) but having a road map is vital. Since we have fixed dates like holidays, birthdays and other "must-have" events, we can see the shape of the future and plan accordingly.

Now that we've shifted over to the calendar at, it will be easier to post those dates in advance. I just need to transfer what's in my spreadsheet to the site. :)

Are we missing any updates from the Nulgath Collection Chest? Like 0 AC versions of the member gold items?

The Nulgath collection chest is complete, and received its final update last week. 

The planned 0 AC versions of the member gold items should all be in the Nulgath collection chest. (Example: the member-gold Abaddon Annihilator Scythes have a 0 AC version in the chest). The battle pet in the chest will remain member-only.

But what about missing Frostval Gifting event rewards + Book of Lore badges?

There are several Frostval gifting additions (ex: pet quests for house items) I'll take care of now that I've returned from vacation.

Each tier's badge was added to the Book of Lore several weeks ago. You will only see the highest badge in the Book of Lore, due to how the achievements were awarded. 

Hornless Morph of the LQS Eternal Cosmic Dragon Set? Where?!

Sometimes artists on Twitter will show preview art that isn't sent in because their plans evolve, or because the art changes between WIP screenshots and the final form released in-game. The helms mentioned were not sent in, so weren't created. They can be added in the future, but there is no ETA.

Where can I submit storyline and single/two week release ideas?

Currently, we aren't accepting these ideas. But if that changes, the best place will be on the AQW Suggestions board on our forum.

When is the next 50% bonus acs?

No AC bonus planned for this month. We'll post when the next bonus begins once it gets closer. Keep an eye on the Design Notes for news.

Lots of Day X of asking for (thing)

My Twitter feed fills up pretty quickly, and I don't always have a lot of time to skim it and/or reply. Tweets like this come across pretty spammy, though I know that's not the intent (I hope O_O). To keep it as easy as possible to read my feed when time allows, I usually mute this type of tweet.

If you have a suggestion for an item, the best thing to do is post it on the AQW Suggestions board on our forum

Dage's Birthday Coming Soon: the AQW Art Forge is firing up again

Dage is getting the forge fired up to start this year's Legion set for the Birthday Collection in March. We're rallying all the AQW artists to begin crafting because...

Cylisse: February event scripts all approved

Cylisse, the AQW lead writer, says: All of February's scripts are set and approved! Now I'm rolling my sleeves up for March! That means, it's Dage time! There's a story I really want to write, and hopefully the pitch gets the Ok!
(Alina note: What a phenomenal script review call! Now.. on to DARKNESS. I am a huge fan of the first draft of the Dage event pitch... can't wait to see the final form!)

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