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February 01, 2022

February 2022 Calendar

Upcoming Game Events: February 2022

February is a month of celebration... from the SuperBowl /party all the way to Hero's Heart Day and Yokai New Year! Log in all month long for new holiday events, stories, and gear.

February 1 February Obsidian Samurai Seasonal Set returns

February 2 GroundHorc's Day quests + gear return

February 4 Year of the Tiger Umitora Boss + previous Yokai New Year events return

February 11 Big Mama's Tournament of LOOOOOVE + our seasonal Valentine's events return

February 13 Lorebowl LVI Half-time Shop + Punt Map opens 

February 15 Pancake Day! Oishii returns to Yulgar's Inn with sweet dessert gear

February 18 Darkon's Elegy of Madness saga continues with Chapter 6

February 25 Carnaval celebration! Log in to /party + find new quests + event gear


Release time: Gold, Rep, Class Points, and XP boosts are scheduled to begin at 12:01 AM EST (server time). Farming resource boosts and item drops do not have a set release time.

Rare drops released between:

  • February 1 - 19 leave February 28
  • February 20 - 28 leave March 18

Previous Daily Gifts

Want to see some of the previous daily gifts? 

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