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April 01, 2022

April Fowls: The Chicken Cow Egg-vasion!

Beak-ing News!

For several weeks, a mysteriously egg-shaped meteor has been flying closer and closer to Battleon… and today it CRASHED into Battleon*, wiping out much of the town. Upon impact, the meteor… hatched?!?!... into a terrifyingly titan-sized, fowl beast: A GIANT CHICKENCOW?! O_O

This weekend, we need all the heroes of Lore to band together as we bring you a fearsomely-fowl event filled with Meateor puns and delicious rewards! Talk to Cysero and Warlic in Battleon to begin!

  • Battle the ChickenCow WORLD BOSS – all attacks across all servers will impact the same health meter. 
  • Donate gold to help fund the re-building of Battleon
  • The more gold we raise, the more new features we’ll unlock in town
  • Unlock two new event character page badges

* There was no MOO-ving town this time! So many heroes have been busy down in the Underworld fighting for Evil, there was almost no one looking UP at the sky to notice it.

Meatier Meateor Rares + Rewards

We build silly things. Often. But never quite like we do during our April Fools events! This weekend, log in milk the the Giant ChickenCow for all its worth! (... Ew.)

  • 25 new rare items in your Featured Gear Shop
  • 16 new rewards from Cysero's Fiery Feathers boss farm quest
  • 9 new rewards from the Meateor Shard merge shop

April Fowls Rare Gear

  • DragonRider Twilly armor
  • 5 Twilly Morph helms (Gleeful, Goggle helms, Dragon Mask + Morph)
  • Flying Chocolate Eggs cape
  • DragonMog Twilly Pet
  • Fiery DragonClaws Gauntlet
  • DracolichRider Zorbak armor
  • 5 Zorbak Morph helms (Gleeful, Goggle helms, Dracolich Mask + Morph)
  • Flying Dracolich Eyes cape
  • DracolichMog Zorbak Pet
  • Shadowy Dragon Claws Gauntlet
  • Enchanted ChickenCow BeastMaster armor + Helm (fully color-customizable)

Cysero's Fiery Feathers boss farm quest

  • Boxadin Set
  • Choco Blade of Doom
  • Slice of Awe
  • Taro's Pocky ManSlayer 
  • Burger of Destiny Axe 
  • Cardboard of Awe Blade
  • 4 deliciously stylish helms
  • Altar of Caladbacon O_O******
  • Apple Trobble (goes great with scrambled ChickenCow Eggs!)

Meateor Merge Shop

  • ChickenCow BeastMaster armor + helm
  • Taro's Pocky ManSlayer daggers
  • Burgers of Destiny
  • Overboard Blade of Boxgath
  • Caladboard Blade
  • Egg-shaped Trobble
  • Blinding Box of Destiny

****** The AC rare Caladbacon Blade arrives next week in your Featured Gear Shop

Our 1st Fowl World Boss O_O

For those of you familiar with MMOs, this is familiar territory. But AQWorlds has never had a world boss done quite like this.**

  • Every player in the entire world is attacking the SAME world boss
  • It is a single boss monster with a health bar that spans every server and every instance

BONUS: normally, rewards drop when a monster dies. But THIS big boy has 500,000,000,000 (that's 500 BILLION) hit points, so it would have taken quite a while to get your loot.

To keep your battle-frenzy focused, Captain Rhubarb, Spider, and Eht (one of our game designers + balancers) worked together to come up with a new system:

Every time you hit the Giant Chickencow, there's a chance you'll get a Fiery Feather drop. NEAT! Save these up to complete Cysero's quest to collect merge shop resources.

Once the Giant ChickenCow dies, complete Cysero's quest to unlock the Fowl Victory character page badge!

Note: Since this is an April Fools event, we can break ALL the rules. That means once the event is over, we're going to reset the world boss health meter so heroes who couldn't log in this weekend can have a chance to take it down + collect the Fiery Feathers. 

** It is a lot like a war, but instead of all your attacks -- and the attacks of other heroes -- helping to RAISE a war meter, we're all helping to take DOW the HP meter of the boss.

Gold Donations Needed for New Battleontown

It’s going to take a lot to fund the repairs, but we ALWAYS come back better than before, and with your help, we'll do it again! Talk to Cysero to help fund the rebuilding of Battleontown.

  • Buy building supplies in his shop to increase the reconstruction fund meter. 
  • The more you buy****, the more new features we can unlock as we rebuild town next week 
  • Donate 15 Million Gold worth of supplies to unlock an exclusive character page badge I'll even give you a swanky badge! 

We really need the help, because Battleontown got WRECKED. While we are raising funds to restore Battleontown, the following zones will not be accessible, due to Health and Safety Violations put in place by the Battleon Town Council.

  • Museum
  • Yulgars
  • Bank
  • Trainers
  • Petshop
  • Curio
  • Guardiantower
  • Librarium

These maps will re-open next Friday, April 8th.

Battleontown Reconstruction Fund

All good charity drives come with a goal board... and rewards for reaching them. We're no different! Donate building supplies to Cysero to increase the Reconstruction Meter and unlock new rewards when we begin repairing Battleontown's buildings***** next week.

75 Billion Gold: Bank interior remodel

150 Billion Gold: Trainers Hall interior remodel

250 Billion Gold: Curio Building interior remodel, new Artifact Catalog interface to help you find rewards more easily

400 Billion Gold: Explorer's Guild replaces Guild Hall

  • New hub for all the random encounters and single-instance adventures spread across the game
  • New hub for the Daily Quests board tracking all of the available daily quests in the game

700 Billion Gold: Yulgar's Inn interior remodel + expansion

  • Additional room/s added
  • Character customization room moved to the first floor
  • Room cap increase

1 Trillion Gold: Forge remodel + expansion this Summer

  • Blacksmithing rep and quests that unlock enhancements that apply additional combat effects
  • House item that opens up Awe Enhancements shop

***     Buying building supplies beats direct donations. 
****   These supplies will not take up any inventory spaces. They’ll go straight to the Construction Sneevils and will increase the Reconstruction Meter at the top of your screen.
*****  Most of the exterior areas of town will remain the same. We're focusing on building interiors + new features next week!

Even MOO-RE ChickenCow Events

A high-steaks Chickencow Egg-vasion is happening now across 5 Artix Entertainment video games. Have you herd about the meat-eor!? That comet moooving through the sky has crashed... and its actually a legen-dairy egg! MooTube videos from Unrelia-bull sources show it crashed in 5 different games. "COW-BOOM!" The big egg-splosion unleashed... The Chicken Cow Egg-Vasion!

Stop the Apo-COW-lypse in 5 games O_O

It is udder madness... 

Happy April Fowl's Day, heroes!

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