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December 16, 2022

Mountain of Miracles

Now Available: Frostval 2022 Story, Part 2

Terrible things happen all the time in Lore, but so do amazing things. Miracles and magic are waiting in the moonlight this weekend as we continue Part 2 of our Frostval holiday event! Defeat the mysterious alien monsters that have descended the mountain, then return to the Inn to celebrate the holiday with your friends!

New Snowview Reward Gear

/Join snowviewrace to continue the adventure and defeat the malicious, otherworldly boss you find there for all-new reward drops. Then talk to Alina. Complete her quest for merge shop resources to craft more rewards!

Monster drops:

  • Snowview InnKeeper armor
  • 6 Snowview InnKeeper helms
  • Holiday Swordhaven Ally armor

Merge Shop:

  • Frigid Festive Wear armor
  • 6 Frigid Helms
  • Frigid Ice Halation cape
  • Frigid Ice Staff + Flail

And don't miss all the gear from last weekend! We've got more reward gear than Xanta Claws, and it's all yours... you'll just have to fight for it! Battle the monsters in /snowview to get drops, then craft the reward gear in Aina's merge shop!

Monster drops:

  • Spruce Sled Racer armor
  • Spruce Sled Racer Hat (male + female)
  • Spruce Sled Racer Cape
  • Festive Snowflake Staff
  • Festive Snowflakes Cape
  • Arctic Wolf Pup
  • Moonlit Wolf Pup
  • Midnight Wolf Pup
  • Bow of the Oracle
  • Blight Oracle Axe
  • Blight Oracle Axes

Merge Shop:

  • Festive Sled Racer Armor
  • Festive Sled Racer Hat (male + female)
  • Festive Sled Racer Champion Crown (male + female)
  • Festive Enamel Snowflakes Cape
  • Festive Sled Racer Cape
  • Festive Sled Racer Cape and Enamel Snowflakes
  • Golden Snowflake Sickle (single + dual wield)
  • Snowflake Sickle (single + dual wield)
  • Festive Golden Snowflake Bow
  • Mix n' Match Sickles

Beleen's Birthday Gear is Here

Yesterday was Beleen's birthday, and to celebrate her real-life level-up, we've created the pinkest gear of the year to help you stun (or terrify!) your enemies! Check out the Featured Gear Shop in your Game menu to find all her new and returning seasonal birthday items! 

Beleen Birthday pink items in online mmorpg Adventure Quest Worlds

Pretty pink gear crafted by Aranx to help you celebrate:

  • Derp Panda Helm
  • PinkGlitter Fairy armor
  • PinkGlitter Fairy hair + tiara
  • PinkGlitter Fairy wings + gold wings
  • PinkGlitter Fairy wand
  • PinkiePanda Outfit
  • PinkiePanda Hood / Hood + Locks
  • PinkiePanda on your back
  • PinkiePanda + Cutesy Bubble Cat pets
  • Strawberry Bamboo Panda Snacks
  • Cutesy PinkiePanda Bats

Leaving Soon: mark your calendars

Don't miss out on your favorite limited time events, stories, and gear! 

Wednesday, December 14: 20th Anniversary 500 Free AC gift leaves

Friday, December 16: Featured Rare Set, Immortalis Magus

Friday, December 30: Black Friday Nulgath Quest Drops + Elvira leaves the anniversary event

Saturday, December 31: Daily Gifts from 12/1 - 12/14

Monday, January 2: 
Frostval AC Gifting event end

Friday, January 6: Frostval Holiday maps + gear, Frostval Limited Quantity Sets 

Friday, January 13: Frostval 2022 Collection 

Friday, January 20: AC Bonus ends

Friday, January 27: New Year's zones + Rare Gear

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