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December 15, 2023

Endless Winter has Arrived

Battle through our two-part Frostval 2023 holiday event!

The first Champion of Ice's body has been possessed by a vengeful spirit; its goal? To engulf Lore in an Endless Winter! Warlic and the DragonRune Hall professors will hold back the onslaught of ice. YOU must lead the students deeper into Glace's tomb. The Champions of tomorrow will learn how the grudges of the past have a strangle hold on the present until we’re all set free... assuming you all survive. Log in now for the bone-chilling conclusion to our 2023 Frostval holiday event story! 

The adventure continues in /fimbultomb!

New game release

  • New Holiday event: Frostval 2023, Pt 2
  • Quibble's Endless Winter Rares Shop + Collection Chest
  • New monster drops in /eventhub

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Double Rep
  • Resource Boost: Spirit Orbs + Dark Spirit Orbs
  • Saturday: Iron Fang helms + Tail from Amarok in /wolflake
  • Sunday: Amarok Pet + animated House Guard from Amarok in /wolflake

Frostval 2023: Glacial Resurrection

Last week, in part one of our Frostval event, you were on your way to Dragonrune Academy for a magical holiday celebration! But nothing is ever simple or boring at a school for magic, and before you could get the party started, you had ONE LITTLE ASSIGNMENT to finish: stopping the Necromancy students from raising havoc in the long-lost tomb of the Champion of Ice. /join glacetomb to begin the adventure!

New game release

  • New Holiday event: Frostval 2023, Pt 1
  • Frostval AC Gifting event begins
  • Glacial Warlord Class in Generosity Merge Shop
  • New monster drops in /glacetomb

Weekend Daily Gifts

  • Saturday: Snow Fairy pet from the Snow Fairy in /glacetomb
  • Sunday: Deadly Draugr Blade from the Draugr in /glacetomb

Cool Reward Gear

We've got more reward gear than Xanta Claws, and it's all yours this weekend... you'll just have to fight for it! Battle the monsters in /glacetomb to get drops, then craft the reward gear in Warlic's Glacial Tomb merge shop!

FimbulTomb Monster drops:

  • Metrea's Crimson Presence armor set*
  • Festive Globetrotter Helms
  • Gilded Frostedge Polearm
  • Frostval Fox Pup

FimbulTomb Merge Shop:

  • Cursed Fimbulventr Witch armor
  • Fimbulventr Witch armor
  • Fimbulventr Witch Visage, Hair, Locks
  • Vengeful Azure Blossom Staff
  • Resonating Azure Blossom Staff
  • Melodic Ice Crystal (single + dual-wield)

GlaceTomb Monster drops:

  • Druidic Ice Scythe
  • Frostguarde Blade (single + dual-wield)
  • Polaris Duelist Rapier (single + dual-wield)
  • Frost Shatter Spear

Glacial Tomb Merge Shop:

  • Arctic Necro-Draugr armor
  • Scholar of the Nether armor + helm
  • Blessed Frostguarde Blade (single + dual-wield)
  • Resonating Polaris Rapier (single + dual-wield)
  • Awakening Frost Shatter Spear
  • Glacial Staff
  • Bright Astromancer Polearm
  • Lumen Ice Shillelagh

* For a few minutes, there was also a buyable version of Metrea's Crimson Presence armor in Quibble's Shop for 700 ACs and the Collection Chest for 0 ACs. If you bought the 700 AC armor, a query will be run on Monday to refund your AdventureCoins. I apologize for any inconvenience this caused!

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