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February 14, 2023

Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Heroes Heart Day happening now in AQW

It's the most cute and cuddly and positively 💖 pink 💖 time of the year, heroes! We've got some sweet Valentine treats for you all in AQW, so get ready for an AQWorld filled with love, monsters, quests, adventures, and a whole lot of amazing items!

Today's Heroes Heart Day 2023 update:

  • LOVE-ly Battleon + Battleon town makeover! We've given the town a (pink) GLOW UP. The town art will stay super-pink until this Friday's release update goes live. 
  •  Valencia's Power Gem update: Valencia's Power Gems will now be rewarded from a weekly quest you can complete right from inside the game. 
  •  Reward Gem quests: the Reward Gem quests were changed at some point to be "one-time only" but they should not have been. We've fixed this issue so you can start getting the gems again! 

Here's what went live last Friday:

  • Find the rare Kitty Kawaii set there until March 10th, and all our seasonal Hero's Heart Day gear in the /love map
  • Beleen’s Newest Adventure: Oh hey, that’s me! Leave it up to the Princess of Pink to write up a brand-new adventure that’s befitting of befriending. I don’t wanna spoil any surprises if you missed last week’s release… 
  • Return of Lovely Quests: Complete cupid-themed quests from previous Heroes Heart Day events and earn rewards that will make your heart skip a beat! You'll find these events by clicking on the "Hero's Heart Day" button in your game menu.So be sure to log in and see for yourself all the love, new items, and new adventures happening right now on Heroes Heart Day!

Wait. What is Heroes Heart Day?

Heroes Heart Day is an event that originated in DragonFable but is celebrated in many Artix games, including AQW. Heroes Heart Day (HHD) takes place around Valentine's Day each year where players get to participate in love-themed quests, equip special items, and explore heart-filled events.

HHD is a time for players to show love and affection to their in-game friends, romantic partners, and to themselves as well! And this year, y’all get to do the same to NPCs with the release of the newest game feature! Now you can befriend – or betray – your favorite NPCs with the friendship interface that is affected daily by the gifts you give them, the things you say to them, and how often you visit them.

Jump right into the insanity when you /join battleodium

Adventuring Solo This Year?

And to all of my single heroes out there: never forget that you are loved and valued just the way you are 🥰 Whether you're celebrating with a group of friends or enjoying some alone time, make the most of this day and show yourself some love. Treat yourself to something sweet or go on a new adventure in-game or IRL.

Remember: being single doesn't mean you have to be alone. You have a whole community of friends here in AQW and on Discord who are here to support ya and adventure with you :)

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day, my dearest adventurers!

Lots of love,*


* True and funny story: back when the internet was just hitting home computers in the mid 1990s, I was talking in an old school chat room while my grandmother cautiously hovered over my shoulder. She became overly worried when the stranger on the other end kept messaging"LOL" to the things that I said. What did "LOL" mean? My grandmother quickly freaked, claiming "that means Lots of Love!" and she unplugged the ethernet cable right then and there and forbid me for going back to that chat room ever again 🙈

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