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February 11, 2022

This Weekend: Superbowl LVII

Half-time is /Punt time!

Join us this Sunday at during the SuperBowl half-time show to /punt Twilly, battle the Undead Defender, get new gear, and /cheer for your favorite team as the Akiba Tigers face off against the Swordhaven Satyrs.

When the Akiba Tigers* face-off against the Swordhaven Satyrs, all of Lore goes CRAZY! So, football fans, kick your puntin' foot into high gear tonight, because once half-time begins, we're opening the /punt map! Score a field goal AND a rockin' character page badge by punting Twilly across the field and into the end zone!

Tigers vs Satyrs!

When: During the Super Bowl half-time show (around 8:30 PM EST)

Who: Tigers, Satyrs, the AQW Team & YOU!

Where: Right here... in-game!

What: /Cheer for your favorite team!

LoreBowl LVI Gear

The half-time shop sports a stock full of returning fan favorites and an all-new Diabolical team spirit outfit! So grab your pompoms and /cheer for your favorite team! Plus, battle the Undead Defender** monster (That's right... we're adding a monster to the /punt map so you can farm for new gear! O_O) to collect all the Lorebowl House Pennants.

You'll also find the Galactic Cheerleader set dropping from Twilly's Treasure Chests in Battleon starting this Sunday!

* Congratulations to making the big game, Tigers! We're excited to a see a new team in the roster.

** Also will drop the Cheer Lover Set in addition to Void Nation Cheer Leader.

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