Design Notes

January 10, 2023

Still So Much Happening O_O

We're starting the new year off strong 

We've got new news for you to digest as you grab your coffee, tea, or energy potion of choice! Return later today for more information on our changes to the Wheel of Doom's Treasure Potions (discussed in this post).

Today's Daily Login Gift is now available: Battle the Eldritch Amalgamation in /brokenwoods to get four new 0 AC Diabolical items.

During their time as community artists* Dominik and DesperaMon made many popular sets. Now, we're excited to bring them onto the AdventureQuest Worlds team to work even more closely with us!

The 0 AC Frostlord Hair and Locks (without scarf accessory) are now available as seasonal item drops from the Bandits in Snowviewrace. (h/t to AQW Hero Xelsear for sending the suggestion last year.)

In case you misssed it, the Candycane Capybara drops off of the Frostval Deer in the /carolinn map! Get yours while you can. Our seasonal Frostval events, maps, and rewards leave this Friday the 13th with the new release.

AQW community artist Kartos si Botax is celebrating his IRL birthday by giving you his personal Axe of the Archipelago! Battle the Chillbite in the /everfrost map until January 31st, when our New Year's Eve event maps leave for another year.

* artists who began as members of our community, then leveled up to become contractors who create art on a per project basis

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