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May 31, 2019

7 Deadly Dragons Epilogue

The Mysterious Egg Opens!

There are 7 deadly vices -- Wrath, Envy, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, and Greed -- and 7 Great Dragons that embody them. In June of 2017, Galanoth and the Order of DragonSlayers asked for your help to cleanse our world of their terror. We were left with a very Mysterious Egg, but no way to discover what lived inside or why it was locked away... until tonight. Once you've completed the 7 Deadly Dragons Saga and opened the Heptagonal Chest, talk to LoreMaster Maya in /mysteriousegg to begin your quest to hatch it.

After you complete LoreMaster Maya's quests, unlock a shop with the 0 AC Shadow Dragon's Defender set!

* If you have not completed the 7 Deadly Dragons Saga, see the guide below for your first adventure in the Saga or check your Story Map in-game.

Open the Heptagonal Chest: Collect the 7 Deadly Keys 

Deep under the town of Battleon (/join battleundere), a Draconic Oracle breathes in the fumes of inspiration and divination. He will also direct you to find the Heptagonal Chest. He believes it holds an object that will help you towards your destiny, but cannot be sure. Defeat all seven of the Deadly Dragons to open the chest, and unlock the Elemental DragonSlayer set and the Mysterious Mana Egg pet!

(Need help finding Tai-Shar, the Draconic Oracle? Check out the wiki)

7 Deadly Dragons Saga Guide

Before you can unlock a prize, you have to battle to EARN it! Complete the 7 Deadly Dragons Saga to start tonight's update.

Ashfall Camp: /Join Ashfallcamp and talk to Galanoth to learn about the 7 Deadly Dragons you must defeat.

  • Quest for QuarterMaster Senna to stock the camp
  • Defend Ashfall with Gibbs
  • Learn Draconic Lore with DragonSlayer Loremaster Dedara*
  • and talk to Galanoth to slay three fiery dragons with Galanoth as you warm-up for the adventures ahead!

Glutus, Dragon of Gluttony (/join gluttony)

Glutus, Dragon of Gluttony, has terrorized men — especially DragonSlayers — for far too long. NO DragonSlayer has managed to survive bathe with him, and Galanoth is making this bathe personal. After years of gorging, and eating thousands of heroes, knights, and 'Slayers, it's time for Glutus to go on a DIE-t!

Valsarian, Dragon of Pride (/join pride)

For millennia, dragons were the greatest creatures on Lore… until humans came. Until DragonSlayers came. Battle to save Darkmoor Village, the first town Valsarian's Storm Drakel army has conquered as he begins his press to turn humans into slaves... and Dragons into KINGS! 

Goregold, the Dragon of Greed (/join greed)

Dragons invade, kill, and most importantly --they hoard. Each dragon guards a vast treasure trove of gold, gems, and priceless artifacts... all very, very tempting for any thieves foolish enough to risk their wrath. But when evidence appears of a rogue DragonSlayer stealing from dragon hoards for his own benefit, Galanoth needs your help to uncover the truth.

Phlegnn, the Dragon of Sloth (/join sloth)

Dragons. Zombies. Creepy slime creatures. Its easy to fight monsters you can see. The real danger, however, is an invisible sickness spreading through the village of Gisunt Heights. Lim the Scientist has traced the outbreak to its source. Take out Phlegnn, Slime Dragon of Sloth and fine a cure for the plague before it spreads beyond the quarantine zone!

Lascivia, the Dragon of Lust (/join lust)

Deep inside a fortress, hidden from sight and out of reach of the family who would seek to reclaim them... Lascivia, Dragon of Lust feasts and frolics and delights in the antics of the kidnapped, enchanted princes and princesses - her royal horde hoard!  Battle to aid Princess Cecily in her quest to free her fiance and rescue the other members of Lascivia's Hoard'em!

Maloth, the Dragon of Envy (/join dragoncrown)

Dragons of all elements and races know the legend of the Dragon Crown - only one worth of ruling ALL dragonkind can wear it. Most assumed it was just a myth... until now. Maleth, the Darkness Dragon of Envy, wants the crown. YOU need to stop him from getting it.

Gorgorath, the Dragon of Wrath (/join Wrath)

While searching for the treasure of Evil Eye Grim, Captain Rhubarb awakened the mighty undead dragon, Gorgorath. Now, to protect your friend, you'll need to take on Gorgorath's horde of minions!

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