Design Notes

August 18, 2017

The Dragon of Lust is READY

The 7 Deadly Dragons Saga continues this weekend!

Deep inside a fortress, hidden from sight and out of reach of the family who would seek to reclaim them... Lascivia, Dragon of Lust feasts and frolics and delights in the antics of the kidnapped, enchanted princes and princesses - her royal horde hoard! 

This weekend, battle to aid Princess Cecily in her quest to free her fiance and rescue the other members of Lascivia's Hoard'em!

Regal Gear for the Royal Hero!

Lascivia's Hoard'em is full of royal princesses and princes. Many serve as her attendants, waiting on her hand and foot. Others dance for her amusement, or serve as Royal Hoard guards. Those she favors receive enchanted armors which change color as the bearer chooses. 

Find the Royal Centurion set and other regal gear in the Featured Gear Shop, available for AdventureCoins until September 1st, 2017!

Friday, the following gear arrives:

  • Royal Centurion Armor
  • Royal Centurion Cape
  • Royal Centurion Crested Helm
  • Royal Centurion Pike
  • Enchanted Royal Attendant Armor
  • Enchanted Royal Attendant Cape
  • Royal Warrior Blade
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